Transportation Safety


While one or more of the involved parties to a collision are indubitably responsible for an error in judgement, as transportation safety experts we seek to find the cause of the error, determine if the transportation system contributed to the oversight, and determine if there is better way to communicate the situation to avoid future errors.

True North Safety Group holds the view that safety is not a discrete objective or resolution, but a long-term investment in the proper planning, design, operations, and maintenance of our transportation facilities. The realm of safety continues to evolve from a reactive mindset to proactive approaches that rely on evidence-based and explicit safety assessments. Our experts are intimately familiar with the current knowledge base and research in the area of road user safety, and marry this collective knowledge with our practical experience to provide state-of-the-art safety services.

Our experts can assist with many types of projects:
  • Network screening
  • Safety audits and preliminary risk assessments
  • Conflict analysis
  • In-service safety reviews
  • Countermeasure identification and evaluation
  • Policy review and development
  • Risk management
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