Our Backstory

Growing up in Northwestern Ontario in an environment where if you wanted something, you had to work for it, I remember the consistent mantra of my father:

~  If you are going to do something, do it right;

~  When you are a little overwhelmed by the task at hand, a little bit of “elbow grease” will get it done;

~  An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

While I did not appreciate the value of this paternal input in my early years (and in fact tried to avoid it), it was embedded into me, and became the cornerstone of my professional life.  TNS was founded on these principles, and endeavours to provide our clients with professional opinions and products that are “done right”, through hard work, and for an honest fee.

We will continue to build our practice by seeking out likeminded experts that share this True North work ethic, and who are invested in providing world-class transportation safety services.

- Russell Brownlee, CEO

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