Safety Training Services


True North Safety Group has extensive experience developing and delivering safety training programs for clients such as the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE and ITE Canada), the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), the Ontario Traffic Council (OTC), the Canadian Urban Transportation Association (CUTA), the Region of Waterloo, the City of Toronto, and many others. We combine industry good practice with real-world experience, case studies and in-field investigative workshops. Our experts are dynamic facilitators, fully bilingual in French and English, and are recognized as industry leaders in transportation safety and engineering.

Examples of training topics developed and delivered by our experts include:
  • Big Data and Emerging Traffic Technologies
  • Signalized Intersection Safety
  • Roadway Management
  • Pedestrian Safety and Risk Management
  • Bicycle Safety and Risk Management
  • Transit Stops: Locating and Designing for Safety
  • Multi-Use Trail Crossing Safety
  • Road Safety Programs and Liability
  • The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Highway Safety Manual
The Benefits of Proactive Road Safety Programs on Liability Risk

Presentation by Josée Dumont and Alexandre Nolet for the Hamilton Section of the Canadian Institute for Transportation Engineers on September 15, 2021.

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