Road Safety Audits


True North Safety Group has extensive experience carrying out Road Safety Audits (RSAs) consistent with the methodology included in the Canadian Road Safety Audit Guide (the ‘Canadian RSA Guide’). We employ a customized RSA prompt list to help guide the scope of the reviews that reflects the nature of the roadways, the stage of the project, client-specific needs, policies, and standards. We apply the tenets of the Canadian RSA Guide and supplement with industry best practice related to human factors, positive guidance, universal design, and pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Our road safety audit services include:
  • Preliminary risk assessments
  • In-service safety reviews
  • Functional and preliminary design audits
  • Detailed design audits
  • Construction staging audits
  • Pre-opening or post-construction audits

Current/Recent Audits:

In-Service Road Safety Reviews | City of Hamilton | 2022-Ongoing

The City of Hamilton retained True North Safety Group to undertake a series of In-Service Road Safety Reviews (ISRSRs) at fifteen intersections in the City. The ISRSRs for each intersection include an office review (geometric analysis, collision data analysis, and operational analysis), extensive field investigations (peak, off-peak, and nighttime), identification of deficiencies and contributory factors, selection of countermeasures and an implementation plan. Written reports are delivered for each intersection.

Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Road Safety | Crosslinx Transit Solutions | 2021-2022

True North Safety Group was retained by Crosslink Transit Solutions Constructors (CTSC) to conduct a review of transit operations through the at-grade intersections along the corridor for the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (ECLRT) line. The risks areas identified were: 

  • Maximum allowable safe speed at intersection and risk of collisions between a light rail vehicle (LRV) and the public at intersection; 
  • Reverse traffic/single track operation/LRV shuttle service in the semi-exclusive guideway at intersections; and 
  • Road vehicle collisions within the stop periphery. 

To better understand, define and evaluate the risks associated with these three areas, TNS prepared and conducted a series of workshops with CTSC and stakeholders. The workshops were completed in three steps to: 

  • Identify the potential additional risk associated with the design and operations of the ECLRT; 
  • Refine the potential risks and identify the higher frequency/severity risks requiring mitigation; and 
  • Identify the preferred mitigation measures, monitoring and/or further assessment related to each risk. 

In addition to the workshops, True North Safety Group completed a series of in-field investigations. A report of findings and recommendations was delivered.

Video Conflict Analysis | York Region | 2021-Ongoing

True North Safety Group was retained by York Region to undertake video conflict analysis at multiple intersections across the Region. As part of this study, Transoft collects conflict analysis data, vehicular speed data, and traffic volumes at each intersection. True North Safety Group analyzes the outputs and includes the key road safety review findings in individual reports for each intersection.  

MacLaren and Lyon Road Safety Audits | City of Ottawa | 2021

True North Safety Group was retained through Robinson Consultants to conduct road safety audits (RSAs) of the reconstruction projects of MacLaren Street and Lyon Street in Ottawa. As part of the contract between Robinson Consultants and the City, multi-modal RSAs were required at the functional and preliminary design stages.

Trillium Passenger Rail System | City of Ottawa | 2019 

True North Safety Group was retained by the City of Ottawa as part of an SNC Lavalin team for the delivery of engineering services for the planning, design, construction and commissioning of the Ottawa Trillium Passenger Rail System and the associated road, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle facilities. True North Safety Group completed RSAs of 3.2 km of roadways, seven intersections and two park and ride facilities at the 60% design, 99% design, and post-construction stages.

Highway 400/Jane Street Rehabilitation | Ministry of Transportation of Ontario | 2018-2020

True North Safety Group was retained by Stantec as a sub-consultant to complete an active transportation review and a temporary conditions RSA for the rehabilitation of eight bridge structures at the Highway 401/Jane Street interchange in the City of Toronto. The temporary conditions RSA included a comprehensive review of the complex 90% staging plans over multiple years and stages from a road user safety perspective. This review encompassed positive guidance, road user workload, visibility, speed control, conflict recognition, and decision-making activities on the approach and at key conflict areas through the temporary conditions on arterial and freeway facilities.

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