Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety & Accessibility


You can provide a resolution to a safety problem, if you understand the consequences and resolve to do so. As more people embrace our active transportation modes in their daily commute, exercise, and recreation routines, municipalities and other transportation agencies must continuously assess the planning, design, operations, and maintenance of their infrastructure to ensure that these vulnerable road users are provided with the lowest risk environment attainable.


Our experts can assist with the following types of projects related to active transportation safety:

  • Network screening analyses to identify locations exhibiting a higher risk to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Safety assessments/audits to evaluate the pedestrian/cycling facilities and identify potential hazards for vulnerable road users related to the safety, accessibility, and connectivity of the active transportation environment.
  • Accessibility reviews to determine the range of treatments that facilitate the mobility of people with disabilities throughout our pedestrian, road, and transit networks.
  • Policy development to ensure operating authorities are implementing and realizing low risk environments for their users.